Polka Dot Cat defines fashion as the creation of femininity and romance in every dress.  The designer Rana Jamshed transforms her instincts into infinity of elegance beyond the ephemeral.  To make a dress to her is to bring life creations that can truly be defined as such; every piece represents a style of a woman, a way of her life, and her own choice in beauty.

The designer dedicates the brand to every Icon of beauty presented in history, embodying a distinct style ideal that has been imitated for generations of women; Coco Chanel as her pearls of strength, the sweetness of Audrey Hepburn in the light of day, the beauty of Elizabeth Taylor in the night, and the seductiveness of Marilyn Monroe in spring.  Rana transforms each dress to match her feelings for the season and brings back romance into our modern life.

Polka Dot Cat reaches woman with key designs launched at global fashion shows. London Fashion week remains the designer’s favorite valentine treat while NY, Montreal and Moscow stay with her on the map and when she is lost – you can probably find her by the beaches of Asia designing her next collection of universal beauty.

Designer of the year 2010 award; was given to Polka Dot Cat by Hellwafashion.com Though the Middle East region has an emerging fashion blogosphere, Polka Dot Cat has fast established itself as a blogger favorite and continues to fill up the news with stories of style.

Follow the designer on her journey of beauty and fall in love with every dress.